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CD/DVD spindle counters provide the most efficient method of keeping track of your media production.   Accurately verify the quantities of media being received from vendors and being shipped out to customers.  Our spindle counters are the most accurate in the industry.

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CD/DVD Counters

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DVD-250 CD/DVD Spindle Counter
The DVD-250 Spindle Counter has been designed to address the specific, ever-changing count demands created by new disc formats. They include DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW and are continually placing greater demands on count technology. DVD Count Issues now include smaller stacking rings, greater disc warp wider variation of disc thickness and increased focus and importance on operator health & safety.

Product Brochure: DVD-250


CD-200 CD/DVD Spindle Counter
The CD-200 Spindle Counter was designed as a low cost unit to automate and simplify the accurate count of CD/DVD's transported on spindles at the various stages in CD/DVD manufacturing plants and in software companies. By using the CD-200 Spindle counter, production yields can easily and accurately be counted at each processing stage. The on-going issues generated between internal departments over CD/DVD counts can now be eliminated.

Product Brochure: CD-200


CD-100 CD/DVD Spindle Counter
The CD-100 Spindle Counter was introduced as an economy priced option to the world recognized No.1 CD counter, the CD-200. It addresses a broad market requirement for high accuracy and low cost CD counting. The CD-100 Spindle Counter, designed for ease of use and with its user programmable features (e.g. pre-set quantity & pass-fail indicators), offers significant advantages over existing low cost counters on the market.

Product Brochure: CD-100


CD-10 CD/DVD Spindle Counter
Accurate counts of CD/DVD's can help minimize rework, reconcile production counts, ensure accurate delivery quantities and reduce material and labor costs. To address these requirements, the CD-10 Spindle Counter was produced. This new design is priced at a level that enables a counter to be placed on every replication line and printing machine in your facility.

Product Brochure: CD-10

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For additional products and information, please contact Mediatec, Inc.





For additional products and information, please contact Mediatec, Inc.


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