We offer a complete line of complimentary supplies for packaging, mailing, or storing your CD/DVD media.  We have established a cadre of the highest quality, most competitively priced products available.


Thermal Printer Ribbons

Thermal Printer Ribbons for Prism & Everest
Premium Compatible and OEM Manufactured Ribbons for Rimage Everest and Prism Printers

Part # Description Case
201737-MAX Prism Premium Compatible Black Ribbon, 2100 Full Discs 24
203217-MAX Prism Premium Compatible Blue Ribbon, 2100 Full Discs 24
202082-MAX Prism Premium Compatible Red Ribbon, 2100 Full Discs 24
202303-MAX Prism Premium Compatible Green Ribbon, 2100 Full Discs 24
201737-006 Rimage Prism - Black Ribbon, 2100 Full Discs 24
202506-001 Rimage Prism - CMY 3 Color Ribbon, 500 Full Discs 10
203638-001 Rimage Everest - Three Panel Color - CMY, 500 Full Discs 20
203384-001 Rimage Everest - Transfer Roll, 1000 Full Discs 10
202946-001 Rimage Everest - Monochrome Black Ribbon, 1000 Full Discs 24
203639-001 Rimage Everest - Four Panel Color + White - CMYW, 375 Full Discs 20
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Jewel Boxes and Trays

1Standard Sized Jewel Boxes and Trays

Part # Description Case
JB-1045-01 Clear CD Jewel Box 200
JT-1050-02 Jewel Box Tray, Black 400
JT-1050 01 Jewel Box Tray, Crystal Clear 400
JB-1045-50 Assembled Jewel Box w/Black Tray 200
JB-1045-96B Jewel Box, Bulk Cube 7200
JT-1050-96B Jewel Box Tray, Bulk Cube 14400
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Slim Line Jewel Boxes

1Ultra-Slim Line (5.2mm) CD Case These quality cases are designed for easy portability and increased storage space, while helping you protect, store and organize your compact discs and CD-ROM's.

Part # Description Case
JB-1145-5.2 Jewel Box - Ultra Slim Line 200
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DVD Boxes

 DVD Boxes Designed to provide safe storage, through the use of a built-in lock-and-protect mechanism with quick release center button.

Part # Description Case
JC-010BK DVD Box - Single Black w/ or w/o Logo 100
JC-020BK Double DVD Box, Slim w/Regular Hub, w/o Logo 100 100
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 C-Shell Case Durable hard plastic C-Shells easily snap shut and pop open to protect your CD's and DVD's, while taking up less space than a jewel case.

Part # Description Case
CDC500 Generic Clear C Shell, CD Case 500
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D-Shell Case A new and innovative way to protect your CD's from scratches and dust. You can mail it, throw it, or step on it. The innovative design allows the media inside to be completely protected.

Part # Description Case
CDD400 Generic Clear D Shell, CD Case 400
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1 Vinyl Sleeves for Standard, Mini, and Business Card CD's

Part # Description Case
SLV-VYN120MM Clear Vinyl Sleeve w/Flap for Standard Size CD 2000
SLV-VYN80MM Clear Vinyl Sleeve for 80mm Mini CD 4800
SLV-VYN63MM Clear Vinyl Sleeve for 63mm Business Card CD 4800
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1 Paper, Cardboard, or Tyvek Sleeves for CD & DVD Standard White Paper, Cardboard or Tyvek Sleeves are available with or without flap or window.

Part # Description Case
SLV-PAP01 Standard White Paper Sleeve w/Clear Window & Flap 1000
SLV-TYV01 Standard White Tyvek Sleeve w/Clear Window & Flap 1000
SLV-CRD01 Standard White Cardboard Sleeve, Flush Cut 250
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