Digital Marketing Products

We specialize in the delivery of cutting-edge, turnkey digital entertainment promotions. We offer scalable, universal promotions that appeal to all demographic markets, can be tailored for both large and small budgets, and are ideal for virtually any promotional application.

Whether it's music downloads, ringtones, mobile games or phone time, we have the complete digital promotions solution you need. Below are just a few of the Digital Entertainment Rewards we offer.


- Music Download Cards
- Custom Electronic Skins
- Personalized Luggage Tags
- On-Line Sweepstakes Cards


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The following are presentations and examples of typical promotions & case studies, by industry, and how they work:


- On-line Promotions Guide
- Skin Presentation
- Skin Program

- Bud Light - Skin Promotion
- Music/Ring Tone Download Overview
- Instant Win Promotion Presentation
- Personalized Luggage Tag Promotion
- Bank Focus Presentation
- Retail Focus Presentation

Promotions and Case Studies by Industry:

- Insurance Industry
- Financial Planners - Insurance Promotion
- Banking Industry
- College Recruiting
- Employee Recruiting
- Real Estate Promotion
- Tradeshow Marketing
- Health Care Promotion
- Blood Donation Marketing
- Red Cross Sweepstakes
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- Auto Industry Promotion
- Event Marketing (Pioneer)
- Health Clubs & YMCAs
- Retail Promotions (Back-to-School)
- Retail Promotions (Holiday)
- Retail Promotions (Holiday 2)
- Non-Profits Incentives
- Wireless Industry Promotion