Add excitement to your client's next tradeshow or promotion with our Instant Win Mystery Card, an attention-getter guaranteed to boost sales, drive foot traffic, generate web traffic and capture valuable consumer data.

Instant Win Mystery Cards– feature a plastic card customized with your client's brand – each card comes with a unique promo code preprogrammed with a winning prize ranging from music downloads, to iPods, to $20 gift cards. Larger prizes such as big screen TVs and game consoles can also be incorporated.

To find out what they have won, cardholders simply log onto a custom-branded web page, register and enter their mystery code. A message instantly appears telling promotion recipients what they have won and an email confirming their prize is automatically sent to them.

With our Instant Win Mystery Cards, you get a powerful multi-pronged promotional tool for a fraction of the actual prize value. Just select the Instant Win Mystery Card Package that works for you, we handle the rest!

Everyone is guaranteed to win from the prize pool of music downloads, iPods and gift cards.


How It Works

  1. 1. Choose the number of cards or codes you want for the promotion.
  2. 2. Choose prizes from our list or choose your own and let us know what they are and how many of each.
  3. 3. Customers receive an instant win code from a custom card or via email.
  4. 4. Customer goes online, completes stock or custom registration form.
  5. 5. Customer receives both an email and pop-up screen with their prize notification.

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