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Packaging has never been easier.  Mediatec, Inc. offers a complete line of high-end, fully automatic or desktop standalone , labeling, tabbing and packaging  equipment to get your finished product out-the-door quickly and efficiently.

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Labeling and Tabbing Equipment


LAB500 Universal Labeler

The LAB500 Universal Labeller will apply labels to a wide variety of products at up to 4000 pieces per hour! The LAB500 can label VHS cassettes, CD envelopes, CD jewel cases, audio cassettes, in fact any product with a flat surface to maximum height of 2” (50mm) and width of 8.3” (210mm).

Product Brochure:  LAB500-V2


AccuFast XL/R Desktop Labeler

The AccuFast XL/R is a desktop labeler with a built in feeder that can label pieces 5” to 16” wide and from 20 lb paper to ¼” thick booklets. Machine grade labels from 1” to 3” wide on 3” core rolls can be used. The XL/R has built in diagnostics and it’s programmable so jobs can be set up and saved. The XL/R comes with a take up spool as well as a counter. It utilizes a sliding labeling head which makes it easy to set up and change label placement.

Product Brochure: XL/R Labeler


AccuFast KT Tabber

The AccuFast KT  Tabber is a durable, reliable desktop tabber that can run at speeds up to 15,000 per hour. It can utilize either 1” or 1 ½” tabs, either paper or clear and circular or rectangular. Changing from one size tab to another is very easy. If you want to run the KT Tabber as a standalone tabber, you’ll need to incorporate the AccuFast FX feeder. The KT Tabber can also be integrated with a XL or XLR Labeler that has its own built in feeder.

Product Brochure : KT Tabber


 AccuFast XL/R-KT Labeling & Tabbing System

AccuFast makes an inline labeling and tabbing system that allows you to label and tab in one pass. This integrated system incorporates the XL/R Labeler with it’s built in feeder, the KT Tabber and the CS3 3 foot conveyor system.


 AccuFast P4 Address Printer

The AccuFast P4 Address Printer can be integrated with a HDF Feeder to make a flexible and productive print station. It utilizes an open throat design to print larger pieces. It can print to a wide variety of materials including booklets up to 3/8” in thickness. The printer can use UV cure inks and drying systems are also available.

Product Brochure: P4 Address Printer


AccuFast AF5 Paper Folder

AccuFast has a complete line of easy to use, reliable paper folders with the high end being the AF5. It’s the easiest to set up since it uses LED’s to aid the operator in setting the fold dimensions after first selecting the paper size and fold type. The flexible AF5 also allows for fine adjustments on the fly by turning the fine tune knobs on each fold plate.

Product Brochure: AF5 Paper Folder

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Packaging Equipment


MEP120 CD/DVD Sleever

The MEP120 Sleever is designed as an easy-to-use, bench-top unit capable of sleeving CDs in volumes more normally expected from expensive floor mounted models.

Capable of sleeving up to 50 discs per minute, that’s over three thousand CD sleeves per hour. The MEP120 can be quickly adapted to deal with different types of sleeves - paper, plastic, tyvek or cardboard - a feature which will be attractive to operators needing to accommodate small runs in their program.

Product Brochure:  MEP120-V5


Silo JT-50 Overwrapper

The Silo JT 50 Overwrapper is a simple but sophisticated overwrapper that is powered by 110V can wrap up to 40 parts per minute. It is easy to set up and use and can be easily converted in the field to support a wide variety of cases. As long as the product is square or rectangular and smaller than 30 mm in height, this unit will be able to do a high quality overwrap. It also has a small footprint and is priced very aggressively.

Product Brochure: JT-50


 Silo TS2002 Overwrapper

The Silo TS 2002 Overwrapper at 50 parts per minute keeps up with the high end overwrappers and case assembly machines at a significantly lower price. The quality of the wrap is excellent and it will support any square or rectangular case under 30 mm in height. It can be converted in the field to support jewel cases, DVD cases, slim line case, BluRay cases and jumbo cases, etc.  The unit has a fairly small footprint and is powered by 110V.

Product Brochure:  TS2002


Silo TS3000 Overwrapper

The TS3000 overwrapping machine is specially designed for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, vitamin and gift accessories type industries.  The unit is manufactured to meet industrial standards.  Change-over between different products is about 20 minutes.  It is equipped with a PLC and touch screen to make the change-over process much easier.  The TS3000 is user-friendly, robust and a very reliable, very affordable, low maintenance solution for overwrapping.  Optional conveyors can be added to connect to upstream or downstream equipments.

Product Brochure:  TS3000

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