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When it comes to protecting your most sensitive electronic information, creating a clear data disposal policy has become a necessity for many corporations and government organizations. Any person or company that does not properly dispose of digital records including personal, financial or medical information could face a major liability.

Using a government approved degausser will go a long way in ensuring critical information does not fall into the wrong hands. We offer a range of degaussers that have been approved for security erasure by the National Security Administration (NSA), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or the Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG), a British intelligence agency.

NSA Approved Degaussers 

The NSA’s EPL-Degausser (Evaluated Products List – Degausser) specifies the model identification of current equipment units that were evaluated against and found to satisfy the requirements for erasure of magnetic storage devices that retain sensitive or classified data. A commercial production unit of each model of degausser was evaluated against NSA/CSS requirements for erasure of sensitive or classified magnetic storage devices.

The correct use of these degausser products will ensure that classified or sensitive data is no longer retrievable.

Degaussers capable of erasing disk storage devices are broken into two categories: Longitudinal (L) and Perpendicular (P). Longitudinal disk storage devices have been the norm, but since 2006, perpendicular disk storage devices have been available. Longitudinal and perpendicular disk storage devices will be marketed side by side for a few more years and then perpendicular disk storage devices will be the norm. Due to the different magnetic fields required to erase each technology, degaussers are capable of either erasing longitudinal disk storage devices or both longitudinal and perpendicular disk storage devices.

The SDD Master has has been tested, evaluated and approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) to sanitize classified information from magnetic storage media including hard drives, and now features on the NSA’s Evaluated Products List for Degaussers.

The MagEraSURE™ ME-P3E degausser leverages leading-edge technology, using a rare earth permanent magnet to degauss all magnetically recorded data and is included on the NSA's EPL-Degauser list well as meeting all Deprtament of Defense (DoD) requirements for degaussing recorded data on hard disk and tape.

Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) Approved Degausser

Under the UK Information Technology Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme, managed by CESG, the security features of IT systems and products are tested independently of suppliers to identify logical vulnerabilities. This type of testing is known as security evaluation and it is carried out by Commercial Evaluation Facilities (CLEFs) against standardised criteria to a formalised methodology. The criteria lay down a number of degrees of rigour known as Assurance Levels. Certificates are issued by the Scheme Certification Body for products meeting the requirements for a claimed level of assurance. United Kingdom certificates are recognised in many countries of the world.

The CESG Degaussing standard is the new UK government standard from the Communication-Electronics Security Group for certifying that the claims made about the security functionality of degaussers have been independently verified and tested.

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