Degausser Information - Which Media?

Hard Drive degausser / eraser 
The vulnerability of information stored on PC hard drives is a recognised security risk. Unlike other PC data storage media the hard drive always stays with the PC. Every time a PC leaves a company’s control all the data and company information will go with it. Even if the hard drive breaks down the storage platters will still contain information which could be read once repaired. In keeping with our policy of recognising user requirements we have introduced a range of degaussers capable of removing data from PC hard drives in less than 6 seconds. Although in most cases this will render the hard drive inoperative, the cost of a replacement hard drive cannot be compared to the cost to a company if sensitive information can be read by a third party.

V91 HD/DLT | V6000 HDD Max | SDD Master | V660 | MagEraSure | V91 Max


VHS / S-VHS degausser / tape eraser 
Degaussing or erasing VHS and S-VHS tapes is a quick and simple process with each tape taking an average of just 30 seconds to erase completely. These degaussers are particularly suited to the CCTV, broadcast and video duplication industries.

VS250 | V870 | V890 | V94


Audio Tape eraser / degausser 
Each audio tape takes an average of just 15 seconds to erase completely. With a requirement of just 570 Oersteds for complete erasure, audio cassettes will require a low energy degausser.

V94 | V870 | V100 | VS250


Reel eraser / degausser 
Organisations in the broadcast industry and people with a responsibility for data backup, who use tape reels, can effectively use a degausser to erase data held on reels. A degausser may be used when reels are no longer needed or when they need to be re-used.

SV5000 | V94 | SV91M


DAT eraser / degausser 
Digital recording format which offers 3 hours of digital sound on a tape half the size of a cassette analog tape, with the same format as a compact disk or CD (44.1 Khz sampling frequency and 16 bits). It is the only consumer recording standard, not using data compression. This means that the entirety of the signal is retained.

V92 | V880 | V100 | V94


DVC-PRO degausser / eraser 
DV cassettes are designed for maximum performance when used with digital video (DV) camcorders and VCRs. DVC PRO is a professional variant of the DV by Panasonic. The only major difference is doubled tape speed, which is needed for better drop-out tolerance and general recording robustness.

V92 | V880 | V100


IBM cartridge degausser / eraser 
Many organisations utilise the IBM cartridge tapes for data storage & backup systems. These tapes are more effectively used time & time again if they are degaussed. These degaussers are suitable for 3480 & 3490 catridges.

SV5000 | V890 | V94


DLT Tape eraser / degausser 
Anyone upgrading their existing DLT drive with DLT1 drive should understand that their existing inventory of recorder DLT tape IV media may not be usable in the DLT1 without thoroughly degaussing them before hand. We have developed a specialist degausser to do just that.



Floppy Disk / Diskette degausser 
Many organisations, from time to time, accumulate a stockpile of diskettes. The easiest way to re-formatting a disk, erasing it in its entirety, is to use a degausser.

VS250 | V890


Travan Data Tape degausser / eraser
Travan Data Tape is a tape medium for desktop users. Travan Tapes are based off the proven QIC (quarter inch cartridge) technology which is a backup medium for many users.

V94 | V880 | V100 | SV91M


CCTV eraser / degausser
Rules relating to the use of CCTV video recordings recordings submissable as evidence, state that it must be proven that a video tape has been completely erased before being reused if it is to be submitted as evidence.

The most convenient way to erase a video cassette is by using a bulk eraser. Bulk erasing a video cassette takes just 5 seconds, returning the tape back to its original condition, completely clear of any previous recordings.

Bulk erasing should be part of your video cassette library operation. It is essential that recordings are of the best quality, an reusing cassettes without bulk erasing will result in poor quality reproduction on playback.

VS250 | V94 | V890 | V870

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